Kurti Baibel
Kurti is spoken by 3500 people who live in Manus Province and Papua New Guinea. Four books of the Bible have been published in the Kurti language. Genesis, the Gospel of Mark, and the letters of Paul to the Galatians and Timothy.
Genesis tells the story of how God made the world. It was written before Jesus was born.
The Gospel of Mark tells the story of Jesus’ life, and how he died on the cross and rose again.
Galatians and 1Timothy explains that if we believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins, we will be good in God’s eyes.
The Kurti Bible Translation team followed three translation principles: the meaning should be translated accurately, clearly, and in natural language. The three primary source texts used to translate were the TEV (Good News Bible), NIV (New International Version), and the Tok Pisin Buk Baibel.
The primary goal is to have an accurate translation for the Kurti people. Read it, and feel the power and love of God!
Genesis, Mark, Galatians, and 1 Timothy in the Kurti language of Manus Province, Papua New Guinea
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Tok Orait
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